Private Music Lessons:

2014 Fall Semester Payment:
(15 lessons) Including flat,
non-refundable $15 book fee/semester
2015 Spring Semester Payment:
(15 lessons) Including flat,
non-refundable $15 book fee/semester
2014-15 Full Year Payment
(30 lessons) Including flat,
non-refundable $15 book fee/semester
30 Minute $285  ($18/30 minutes) $285 ($18/30 minutes) $555  ($17.50/30 minutes)
45 Minute $397.50  ($17/30 minutes) $397.50  ($17/30 minutes) $772.50  ($16.50/30 minutes)
60 Minute $495  ($16.00/30 minutes) $495  ($16.00/30 minutes) $960  ($15.50/30 minutes)

Additional Music Fees:

  • A $15 fee will be charged each time a student requires a recital accompanist and will be due the day of the recital.
    This fee helps cover the accompanist’s wage for two separate rehearsals and the recital.
    Accompanists are generally required for instruments other than the piano; parents will be told if they need to pay this fee approximately two months before the recital.
  • Please purchase a notebook for the teacher to write contact info/assignments.  (Notebooks can be picked up for about $.15 at various stores - Shopko, WalMart, Target - for the beginning of the school year.)

Music Ensembles: Valley Voices Women's Choir and Valley City Civic Orchestra

One Semester PaymentFull Year Payment
X$25 per semester$50 for full year

Valley Youth Choir

One Semester Payment Full Year Payment
X $35 per semester $70 for full year


Fees vary for each art opportunity.  See specific class description for tuition/fees.